Using Google's AI Chatbot to Improve General Motors' OnStar Service

Using Google's AI Chatbot to Improve General Motors' OnStar Service
Credit: GM

One of the biggest automakers in the world, General Motors (GM) offers a variety of brands, including Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC, and more. GM is a pioneer in innovation, investing in technologies for connected, autonomous, and electric vehicles. OnStar, a subscription-based service that offers emergency assistance, vehicle diagnostics, navigation, and other features, is one of the most popular GM features available to customers.

Since its inception in 1996, OnStar has changed to meet drivers' varying demands and expectations. However, as consumer demand for more personalized and practical services increased, GM realized it needed to update its OnStar system to make it more innovative and responsive. To take advantage of Google Cloud's artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot platform, Dialogflow, GM decided to collaborate with it.

An NLU tool called Dialogflow enables programmers to create conversational agents to communicate with users via voice or text. To analyze the user's intent and context and produce the best possible responses, Dialogflow uses machine learning. Additionally, supported features by Dialogflow include rich media content, speech recognition, sentiment analysis, and multiple languages.

GM intends to improve some of the non-emergency capabilities of OnStar using Dialogflow, including hotel reservations, food delivery, and finding gas stations nearby. GM hopes to give its customers a more seamless and natural experience by utilizing Dialogflow, allowing them to converse with their OnStar agent like a human. Additionally, this will free up the OnStar advisors, qualified experts who deal with urgent situations like car accidents, thefts, or medical emergencies.

According to a press release from GM's chief technology officer, Matt Tsien, "Google Cloud's Dialogflow will help us continue to deliver on our vision of creating intuitive in-vehicle experiences tailored for each GM brand. Before our customers even turn on their engines, we are improving their driving experiences by integrating Google's cutting-edge AI technology into the built-in infotainment systems of our cars and our mobile app platform.

According to Lori Mitchell-Keller, vice president of industry solutions at Google Cloud, "We are proud to partner with GM on this innovative project that will change how people interact with their vehicles. The goal of Dialogflow is to make it simple for developers to create enjoyable and organic conversational experiences for any channel or device. We are interested in how GM will use Dialogflow to open new options for drivers and passengers.

In the United States and Canada, GM anticipates introducing the new OnStar features powered by Dialogflow in a few 2024 models. The business also has plans to use Dialogflow in additional locales and languages. GM believes that utilizing the Google Cloud AI chatbot platform will offer its customers a more personalized and valuable service while also creating new revenue streams for its subscription business.